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Family vacations… love them! First Blog!

Okay folks!  I have not spent more time trying to figure out how to make this BLOG thing work!  It is comical really… well not really but I am sure if some blog guru were a fly on my wall they would have some great comedic material for a Blog convention!  I have written a couple of blogs and thought I posted them… no idea where they went!! LOL!  Anyhow, I am tying this again and maybe, oh please, maybe it will work!

I am on vacation with my family in the amazing, unhidden gem of Port St. Joe FL and we are staying in Windmark Beach and it is LOVELY and I very well may be back often!  It is a development that has been here for awhile but slowly growing.  The pathways are my favorite part, the landscaping is tranquil, and the beach is small but so lovely.  If this neighborhood were to take off they would have to figure out a way to expand the beach.  It is definitely not big enough to accommodate the size of this neighborhood if fully built out.  Cape San Blas is truly my favorite! The beaches are bigger but I could literally count the people on the beach with us.  #heavenonearth

After a long school year, cheer, baseball and all that comes with life with a husband and his stressful corporate job and 3 busy kids we were all long overdue for some true down time.  We did our first official college visit and I think we all liked Auburn.  Truly made me want to enroll, but I could not keep up with the 18-22 year olds and enjoy college in the same manner I did 30 years ago.  WAIT!!  THAT WAS 30 YEARS AGO???  Have mercy!  How can time fly by like that???  The life of a mom is rarely dull.  For instance, our summer calendar is already kind of packed full with baseball tournaments, cheer practices (shameless plug for our Atlanta Jayhawks), a GIRLS TRIP with my cousins in NOLA, summer online classes, and church beach camp.  That is all just JUNE, which is normal for us; we usually shut things down in July.  Hopefully we will make another trip to the beach before school starts in early August.

Enough about me!  My mission with this blog is to just be a source of truth and reality in a world wrought is confusion and a battle with comparison.  I am sure guys struggle with an element of insecurity and doubt, but I cannot really comment confidently about it.  I have a teen-aged son and I talk to him often about this kind of stuff… he mostly blows me off and calls me a helicopter mom.  I hope the truths bleed into him so he can cling to them when he’s struggling.  I follow Kaitlyn Bristowe of the Bachelor Nation franchise (yes I am a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan) and I love that her platform is based on integrity.  She has a heart to build up and not tear down; a theory that I believe is taking root in a lot more people!  I also totally fangirl over Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley and Cat and Nat #momtruth because they keep it real.  They talk about all those “mom things” we ALL deal with and maybe feel like we are the only ones who “feel that way”.  I say it all the time… being a mom is hands down the hardest job I will ever have!  I KNOW I gave (and still give) my mom a freaking headache!  I was a snotty, spoiled rotten brat!  I can remember well some of the dumba** things I did and if my kids tried it I will lose my you know what!  It is true what they say about your parenting compared to how you were parented.  I got away with a lot and I am way more strict with my kids.  There is no perfect way.  Loving your kids is the best way to start and go from there.

Have a super fabulous Wednesday!  I hope to blog weekly so stay tuned!  This is a positive zone so any negativity will be blocked!  I never claim to know it all or be right about anything… it is all just my thoughts so you may or may not agree and that is ok!  Please be kind to yourself and do something kind for someone else!  #spreadkindness



End of the School Year Madness

There are only 2 days of school left; literally a total of 16 hours including the bus rides left until summer break.  Today, as most other days the last 178 days of school, I am inundated with text messages from my sweet 7th grader.  “PLEASE CHECK ME OUT.”  “PLEEEEEAAAAASE!”  “I am so tired!  I cannot keep my eyes open and we aren’t doing anything anyway so this is such a waste of my time.”  She is actually on point there, because they serious do N.O.T.H.I.N.G. the last 3 days of school – it is pointless.   Nonetheless it is a school day, she isn’t running a fever, bleeding out of her eyes or the carrier of a highly contagious disease (unless you consider being a pre-teen a disease which could arguably be valid).

Summer vacations used to seem so long… I remember actually kind of dreading them.  What will I do with these children all day everyday for 2 months??  I will be with them all day everyday for 2 months…. dear Lord help me!  Those were the early days of a life with 3 kids when I had 2 young elementary school ages kids and a toddler.  Nothing ever got done around the house, there was always Blues Clues, Little Einsteins, or a Spy Kids movie playing on the TV.  The best days were spent at the pool all day and then ordering pizza at diner time when the daddy’s came to join us!  Those kiddos slept good those nights!!!  Well all those folks with kids older than mine were absolutely right… I do miss those crazy, hectic, hair-pulling out days of getting nothing done and my house being cluttered with toys.  Today I worry where they are and what they are doing for different reasons!  My oldest is 17, a rising senior who reminds me often that she will be 18 this year!  My middle will turn 16 and, God willing, get his drivers license in August.  My baby is still my baby even at 12 almost 13.  Our personalities compliment each other and we gel easy, although my oldest and I are so much alike that we butt heads a lot.  She is so darn independent and stubborn (both characteristics can be genetically linked back to me!).  Thankfully, my middle child is my son, and quickly becoming the voice of reason and sanity when my husband is not around… bless his heart!  It is not an easy job to corral 3 emotional girls at the tender age of 15, but I see it as good husband training so I am doing a good Mom-thing there so his wife can thank me in 15 years! and CatandNat sum up motherhood so well in their blogs and social media posts!  Check them out when you need a good laugh, some comic relief, or need validation for how you’re feeling as a mom!  It is the toughest, most rewarding job on the planet!!! I would not trade it for anything, but I would accept an all expenses paid trip to BoraBora or Fiji with those cool huts on the clear blue water!

School is almost out for summer!!


A Force that has been Unseen

The Enemy Fears

I am reading Lisa Bevere’s Messenger International series Without Rival, Lioness Arising and Girls With Swords.  There is so much fantastic, empowering, spiritual content that excites me that I am not sure where to begin!  As a little background, Lisa has been in ministry with her husband John for over 20 years.  Lisa especially has such a passion for women and this series spoke to me on many levels, but especially confirming to me that God, My Lord, has a very specific and powerful plan for MY life!  I have felt “on the brink” of something for so long… fear has always held me back!  That changed 2 years ago and I am growing in my faith and God is preparing me for His great plan!

Women live in a comparison trap — well I suppose it is fair to say men and women live in the same type of trap.  I cannot speak for men so I focus on the traps women fall into; sometimes of their own doing!  Social media has created a far more vicious comparison trap with the ability to see so much and the presentation not always being true to life.  How many selfies do you take before you actually post a picture?  Be honest!  I love Susannah B. Lewis WhoaSusannah who has shared hysterical videos of the ridiculous nature of selfie taking!

The Message that Lisa Bevere wrote in the first chapter of Lioness Arising “the lioness (is) a picture of how every daughter of the Most High can embrace her strength, develop courage, and effect change in her world.”  If every Christ believing woman prayed for and believed in her lioness nature, rather than standing behind fear and doubt, this world and our children could be strong, fierce and commanding!  Lisa also quotes British poet Matthew Arnold and it is profound: “If ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.”  WOW!!!  Did that make you sit back in your chair and think bigger?  Dream bigger?

Let us all seek out our inner Lioness and seek what plans the Lord has for us to be that force.  One of my favorite verses is 2 Timothy 1:7NLT “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity,  but of power, love, and self-discipline.”  Let us go forth with power, love and self-discipline.  Let’s be that force previously unseen!  Clothe ourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Colossians 3:12 NLT).


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